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Malmo Airport Train Transfers

All passengers that arrive at Malmö Airport have different transfer options that can take them to the further destination. Besides rental cars, vans, and taxis you can also take public transportation.

Malmö Railway Service

All passengers that need to get to and from Malmö Airport, can take either a taxi or bus to Malmö City Center. At downtown Malmö, you will find Malmö Railway Station. Here you will have connections to several regional trains. The railway station of Malmö (Swedish: Malmö Central Station) is located at Skeppsbron 1, 211 20 Malmö, Sweden.

Some of the top train routes from Malmö include:

  • To Stockholm Central - Duration: 4h 24m
  • To Lund Central - Duration: 13 minutes
  • To Gothenburg Central - Duration: 2h 28m
  • To Helsingborg Central - Duration: 38 minutes
  • To Linköping Central - Duration: 2h 43m
  • To Copenhagen - Duration: 28 minutes
  • To Berlin - Duration: 7h 46m

For a full list of all the train destinations from Malmö City Center, please refer to this website. Here you will also find information about distance, ticket prices for each train connection, etc.

You can look up the specific time for your most convenient train ride here.